Here are some frequently asked questions, but if you have any other queries, please email us at info@voicesyorkshire.co.uk

Q.     Where can we find the digital Voices Yorkshire logo in a format we can use? We print our programmes in monochrome rather than colour on cost grounds. Is it acceptable to print the icon in greyscale or should it be only in white on a dark background?

A.     You can use the VY logo in any format that fits with your colour scheme or needs. There are a variety of versions of the logo available in the downloadable pack which is accessible via this link (please remember to expand the blue logo folders so that you can access all the available options) https://www.voicesyorkshire.co.uk/#involved. You can access the standard VY logo via this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_hoNF_o8FCYthV5CPkA0qXqO-d3REO_S . Please contact us if you have any other problems accessing the logo.

Q.     If we are not available on the 14th September for the Grand Finale Concert, does that mean we can’t participate in the Voices Yorkshire project?

A.     No…. the event on the 14th September will be ticketed and open to the public, but is for invited choirs to perform, so whilst you may not be participating this year, in future years (don’t forget this is a biennial project) you may be invited to do so.

Q.     What is the commitment involved since we have a busy year already with concerts and events?

A.     Events set up by the Voices Yorkshire team are aimed at providing support and forums for all choirs who would like to be involved. However, participating in any such events is entirely optional and at the choir’s discretion. The only commitment we require is that you adorn your posters and other publicity materials with the Voices Yorkshire logo and in return, we commit to helping promote your choir and its concerts and activities.

Q.     Will it cost us anything to participate?

A.     It is free to get involved and there are no costs involved, other than your own expenses participating in any organised events (eg, travelling costs, parking etc).

Q.     Are we allowed to collect donations for our choir or our preferred charity at organised events and bring our own promotional materials to events?

A.     You can bring any promotional banners, leaflets or materials that you wish to and unless a particular venue has a policy precluding collections (such as M&S currently have), then this is also fine.

Q.     After we have returned our Choir and Concert Information Sheets, can they be subsequently updated, since we don’t know future concert dates as yet?

A.     Yes, you can update and send us any concert or event dates, changes to choir contacts or other information as and when you have it to hand.

Q.     I have just filled in our choir information online, but it wouldn’t let me put in phone numbers for the key contacts (not enough spaces in the pre-formatting) and there was also nowhere to add in the Concert Information – do you need this on the paper form?

A.     Please feel free to return the forms to us however it is easiest for you to do so… ie, online, by post, scanned by email etc.

Q.     If the festival culminates in a concert at Leeds Town Hall on 14th September, I assume there’s no point sending you details of events after 14th September?

A.     The Voices Yorkshire project is ongoing and will be a biennial festival so yes, please continue to send us all your concert and event dates until further notice, as we will continue to promote and organise events in the year between main festivals.

Q.     Will the Gala Concert always be held in Leeds at the Town Hall?

A.     No, we will choose a different city and venue for each festival year.

Q.     Who are Voices Yorkshire?

A.     Voices Yorkshire is a not-for-profit outreach programme developed by the Yorkshire College of Music Drama who are a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission no. 0529220, run by a Board of Trustees on a voluntary basis (http://www.yorkshire-music-lessons.co.uk/)


If you have any queries, please contact any of the Voices Yorkshire team members directly or via the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama on 0113 243 1605 or info@yorkshire-music-lessons.co.uk 

Tim Knight

Tim Knight

Principal of the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama, Voices Yorkshire Brainchild, Artistic Director and Project Co-Ordinator

Contact Tim with any music-related or programme of events queries
Tel: 07887 960813

Nick Wayne

Nick Wayne

Marketing Manager, Yorkshire College of Music & Drama and Voices Yorkshire

Contact Nick for help with press, publicity, merchandising or sponsorship queries
Tel: 07808 921911

Anne Parker

Anne Parker

Assistant Project Co-Ordinator for Voices Yorkshire

Contact Anne with any general queries relating to the Voices Yorkshire project
Tel: 07519 136956

Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner

Press and Marketing Officer for Voices Yorkshire

Contact Sarah with any queries relating to press, merchandising and marketing aspects of the Voices Yorkshire project
Tel: 07973 201525

Dagmar Fitzpatrick

Dagmar Fitzpatrick

Administrator for the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama and Voices Yorkshire

Contact Dagmar with any queries relating to YCM&D
Tel: 0113 243 1605